What is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is an event lasting a couple of days where people join to build technological projects.

What is HackExtend?

HackExtend is the only hackathon in Israel where any developer / designer can build any technological project. It is a hackathon dedicated to diversity, creativity and collaboration. We want to bring together a talented group of people, that will create extraordinary tech.

Hodaya, Sheindy, Ayala, Rivka and Tzipporah built a mobile application for mobile phones chargers borrowing.

Dina, Aviya, Katia, Shihirban and Doaa built a pythin package dor emotion classification.

Elias, Omair, Firas, Diab and Eli built web application for trip planing.

Ayelet and Dor built a mobile application for coffee reading.

Naama, Tzipporah, Yehudit and Meytal built mobile application for Strengthening Jewish values.

Nehoray, Moshe, Akiva, Yossi and Ben-tzion built a platform for identifying reptiles.

Sapir, Liora, Keren, Hilla and Carmel built a web application which helps to find the nearest cycle tin.

Astoul, Aschaley, Shay, Ofek, Dror and Tamrat built a mobile application for ride sharing.

Abdallah, Maher, Viam, Sary an Ali built a new blind stick with advance features than the regular one.

Inbal, Maya, and Uriel built a social application for sharing musical works written by beginner singers.

Abdallah and Hasan built vision-safety system for scooters.

Yaniv, Asia, Ira and Dvir built aa application for automatic video editing.

Nadav, Eden and Uri built an application for fair distribution of guards.

Who can attend?

If you are a developer, product manager, designer, marketer, artist or tech enthusiast - You’re Welcome!

Little or lots of experience - doesn’t matter.

You don’t have to know what you want to build, or even what tech you want to use.

You just need to want to build cool tech!

Not sure if you fit?
Ask us: contact@hackextend.com

Is HackExtend right for me?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, HackExtend is for you!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay to join HackExtend?
No, it’s free, but your application needs to be accepted.

Are you going to supply any food?
Yes, two free meals on Thursday and two free meals on Friday. Snacks, coffee, water, and other goodies will be available at all times.

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Michal Levin

Software Team Lead at Big Panda

Oded Golden

M.Sc. CS Candidate at IDC

Dafna Rosenblum

Tech Director at ApeGroup

Yonatan Mateh

Full Stack Web Developer at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Jacob Inggidou

Software developer at AT&T

Shani Frankel

Senior Product Designer at monday.com

Galia Malasa

Software Developer at Amdocs

Hadas Dayan

Automation Engineer at BlueVine

Hadas Peled

Android developer at CropX

Hadassa Vengrover

Full Stack Engineer at Simplee

Nir Shwartz

Business Analyst at Bank Hapoalim

Dalit Ben Zoor

C++ Developer at Palo Alto Networks

Rachel Aytegev

Project Manager & System Analyst at Opisoft

Maryam Agbarya

Computer Science Student at TAU

Rabea Bader

CEO, Le Wagon TLV

Daria Shtromberg

Freelance Graphic Designer

Romi Winter Grinshtein

Software Engineer at Nexar

Our vision

A call for first timers

Hackathons are awesome for so many reasons. They stimliate creativity and problem-solving, give participants a sense of accomplishment and worthiness, facilitate the acquisition of new technical skills, and beef up resumes. Unfortunately, many engineers don’t attend hackathons due to lack of self-confidence, exposure to these events, or because they may not have a team they can build with. This problem is even more common amongst groups that are under-represented in the high tech industry.
That's why we decided to create HackExtend - a hackathon for people who usually don’t hack. We want to create a different type of event; one that’s focused on creativity and community, not competition. It’s about learning, meeting new people, and building cool things together. We are working very hard to make it extremely diverse, and will prioritize diverse groups in acceptance.


Our mentors are group of engineers, product managers and designers from wide backgrounds. They will be available before and during the event for questions.

Interested in being a mentor?
Register here

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