Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay to join HackExtend?
No, it’s free, but your application needs to be accepted.

Are you going to supply any food?
Yes, two free meals on Thursday and two free meals on Friday. Snacks, coffee, water, and other goodies will be available at all times.

When will HackExtend start and end?
HackExtend will start on Thursday morning at 10:30. Coding will end on Friday at noon and the final exhibition and ceremony will close the event no later than 15:00 on Friday.

What will we do overnight?
You can stay up and continue developing your product, use our sleeping areas, or go back home and come back the next morning. We will have three different sleeping areas: one for women only, one for men only, and one for both. We will provide mattresses and you can bring a sleeping bag for your comfort.

Do I have to have a group?
Not at the beginning. You can apply without a group and we’ll help you find one. You can find team members during our prep event, in our dedicated Facebook and Google groups.

Do I need a computer?
Yes. We’ll supply electricity and WiFi, but you will have to use your own computer. If this is preventing you from applying, please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Will I be able to get any help on my project?
Definitely. Our super nice and experienced mentors will be available during and prior to the event.

Why should I attend?
It will be an opportunity to meet great, like-minded people who also love making things. You’ll be able to improve your professional skills, social skills, and potentially your career. You are most likely to have fun and, in many cases, have a life changing experience.


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